Should You Consider Dental Sealants?

benefits of dental sealants | Cherry Creek Family DentistryA dental sealant can be a great treatment option for anyone that is visiting the dentist. A sealant is basically a barrier that is applied to the teeth to help protect against any cavities that may occur. The sealant doesn’t interfere with brushing or flossing. It simply adds an extra barrier against the damages that plaque and food can cause. The sealant is applied at your dentist’s office by painting it on. It will dry quickly, as it bonds to the tooth’s enamel. It is generally placed on the molars, and other vulnerable areas for extra protection. Once the applied sealant has dried, the patient will never even notice that it’s there. They will be able to carry on using their teeth normally like always. Once the sealant is applied, eating and drinking like before will be no problem, but now with further added protection. Now that you understand what a sealant is and how it works, should you consider getting dental sealants? Here are our top reasons as to why we think you should consider having them applied to your own teeth:

  • Children and teenagers alike will greatly benefit from having sealants applied to their teeth to help shield their growing teeth from dental decay. This added barrier can help to protect, and prevent their teeth from any potential future dental issues, as well. Sealants are greatly beneficial to them, particularly when their dental habits tend to be less than desirable.
  • For people who have a personal history of, or family genetics of weaker tooth enamel, having sealants applied to the molars will add an extra layer of protection to keep the teeth in the very best health possible.
  • Anyone who struggles with a buildup of plaque, or maintaining the desired dental hygiene of their own teeth, should consider having dental sealants applied to help further protect against the damages of improper dental care.

Once you have decided that you would like to consider getting sealants on yours or your children’s teeth, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment, or for further assistance with any questions you might have. Dental sealants typically last for a couple of years. So at your routine 6 month checkups, the dentist will examine the previous sealant to determine whether or not a new sealant needs to be applied.


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