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wisdom teeth extractions richmond utahWisdom Teeth Extraction in Richmond

Cherry Creek Dental provides wisdom teeth extraction services. Your wisdom teeth are the third and final molars that emerge as an older teenager or young adult. Wisdom teeth are normally extracted because they can crowd your mouth, causing your teeth to shift position, leading to crooked teeth. Wisdom teeth can be an asset if they grow properly, but they rarely do grow in straight. We often see patients deal with misaligned, partially erupted, or impacted wisdom teeth.

Why Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

Wisdom teeth can lead to damage in the mouth. Damage normally occurs surrounding nerves, gum tissue, and bone structure. Wisdom teeth can make it hard for a patient to clean the teeth, and they can push your other teeth out of alignment.

These problems are often easily prevented or improved through wisdom teeth extraction. An examination with x-rays can allow our doctors to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and predict if they may cause problems now or in the future.

wisdom teeth extractions richmond utahHow Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted

Our dentists have extensive training when it comes to wisdom teeth extractions. We use the latest dental equipment and technology to safely and quickly remove the wisdom teeth. Our staff will help you remain comfortable during the procedure as we provide sedation for patients that request it. Some patients are given sedation to calm them during the procedure, but remain conscious during the procedure. Other patients choose to use intravenous sedation so they are asleep during the procedure.

The areas of the mouth will be numbed with local anesthetic so you do not feel pain during the procedure. Some teeth will come out easily while others need to be broken and pulled to come out of the mouth. Upon completion of the procedure, our staff will discuss the next steps with you related to at-home care.

Caring For Extraction Sites

Most patients will feel better within a few days following the extraction. We will provide an in-depth guide of how to care for the extraction sites to prevent infection. The amount of time needed before you can begin eating solid food will vary based on your health and the way your body heals. Patients in their late teens tend to heal quickly, and can resume eating solid foods in a few days. If you feel like your mouth can handle more than liquid, move into soft foods like bread or thicker soups.

Rest is one of the most important elements for healing. For the first 2-3 days, we recommend you rest and allow your body to heal. Patients that go back to work, or try and do physical labor can end up with dry socket. Dry socket is extremely painful, and patients will need to come back into the office for treatment and additional care.

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