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Richmond, UT Denture Services

dentures richmond utahThere are several types and styles of dentures. Selecting the right kind for your mouth will change the way you speak, chew, and how your smile looks. Failure to have the correct size or style can lead to pain, looseness, bad breath, and other concerns. At Cherry Creek Dental, we specialize in creating custom denture solutions for our patients. Your entire mouth is examined to determine if teeth need to be removed, and which teeth can remain in the mouth using a partial denture. It can take a few weeks for your mouth to adjust to a new, custom, denture. If you have pain or any concerns, contact our office immediately.

Getting false teeth are required for a number of reasons from old age to accidents or improper care of your teeth. Losing your teeth can be frustrating as you need them to eat and talk. Modern denture styles are designed to be one of the most reliable solutions if you have lost your teeth and need replacements.

Full Dentures

Getting a full set allows you to remove all the teeth from your mouth. If you have any remaining teeth, our dentists will carefully extract them before creating any for you. Your gums will need time to heal before we can create a set that perfectly fits your mouth. A temporary set is used during the healing process to allow you to eat, drink, smile, and talk normally. A full set is created with exact molds of your mouth. Once we have set molds, the dentures are created in a modern laboratory to ensure they fit perfectly into your mouth.

partial denture-01Partial Dentures

Some patients keep the majority of their teeth, requiring a partial denture. Partial dentures are designed to fit into the area of your mouth with missing teeth. The dentures will attach to an existing tooth to stay in place during eating.

What You Need to Know About Dentures

Just because your teeth are gone doesn’t mean you can avoid brushing and caring for your gums. Your new set of teeth need to be cleaned daily to prevent bacteria from building up on the teeth. Soak them nightly in a solution to keep them fresh. You will need to brush your tongue and gums to keep them healthy and prevent bad breath.

New dentures can take some time to get used to. It is not uncommon for patients to experience slight discomfort for a few weeks after receiving these new accessories. We will adjust the dentures to fit correctly, and your mouth will start to form to the dentures. Contact Cherry Creek Dental to learn more about dentures and if they are the right choice for your oral health needs (435) 258-2301.


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