Daily Tips for Proper Oral Health

dental care at homeIn order to have proper oral health, it means taking the time to care for your mouth every day to maintain a strong defense against some of the damaging effects that can occur without proper care. Follow these tips to make sure that your oral health is in proper healthy shape.


Having the Right Tooth Brush and Using it Correctly and Frequently 

  • Selecting the right tooth brush is important. Whether you decide to use an electric toothbrush or a regular toothbrush consider these tips to ensure the best brush for your teeth. You need to a brush that has a smaller head so it is easier to reach all the nooks and crannies in your mouth. The bristles shouldn’t be firm, look for soft bristles that will gently clean your teeth.
  • Once you have your toothbrush selected now it’s time to get the full use out of it. Twice a day you should be brushing your teeth. When you brush use small circular motions on your teeth and along your gum line. You will only need a small pea sized amount of toothpaste to get the job done. Don’t brush too hard but with enough pressure to get the job done. Don’t forget to give your tongue a good brushing as well!


Selecting the Right Toothpaste

  • When you go to your local store to pick up a tube of toothpaste the options can be overwhelming to decide which one will be the best one. Look for toothpaste that has some of these qualities, such as fluoride to help keep your enamel strong and fend off decay, tarter control, and whitening that can help brighten your smile. 


Floss and Mouthwash

  • Along with the right toothpaste and toothbrush you will need floss and mouthwash to get the best clean possible. Each time you brush your teeth you need to floss to get any food remnants and to agitate your gum line to dislodge any build up that could be in there. After flossing is done get your mouth wash and swish it around for 30 seconds.


Routine Check-ups

  • You should at minimum see a dentist every 6 months. Most insurance companies will pay for twice a year cleanings, and X-rays. Even without insurance it is a necessity to have these cleanings. A dental cleaning will help get rid of any buildup that will can happen in-between appointments and your dentist can detect any cavities and fix them before the problem becomes worse. Depending upon your current oral health you may need to schedule more frequent cleanings to ensure your mouth stays healthy.
  • At your routine checkups your dentist will offer a fluoride treatment, this is an important mineral that will help strengthen and further protect your teeth’s enamel.


A Healthy Diet

  • Just like your body what you eat and drink has an effect on the hygiene of your mouth. Eat foods that have plenty of calcium and other minerals and vitamins. Avoid sugary foods, sodas and candy that can grow bacteria and promote decay in your teeth. Also limit the amount of acid that you are consuming, acid can be harmful on your enamel. When you do eat or drink something that is sugary or acidic try and rinse your mouth out with water to help keep it from sitting on your teeth before you can brush.

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